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Here are a few guides for journalism students:



* Interviewing: how to begin the gathering process for journalistic writing, regardless of the medium.

* Basic news writing: for students getting started (geared for print journalism).

* Writing magazine style: tips for writing engaging and informative narrative stories.

* Self-editing: a checklist for editing your magazine-style stories.

* Photojournalism: things to think about in order to make striking images - even if you are using the most basic equipment.

* Photojournalism slideshow: similar to the guide but with images in a PowerPoint presentation.

* Resume basics: getting a job or internship starts here.

* Temple University's resume builder for communications students: similar to mine (above) but with much more detail.

* Get a job: tips for finding internships and jobs, as well as interviewing for positions and following up after your internships end.

* Start your own media outlet: here's a step-by-step guide to starting your own product (I have no idea how you make lots of money ... but you can do all of this stuff for free).


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